GitHub - sirivlucifer/duty: Fivem On/Off Duty with Lua.

Forked from Sc0ttM/SEM_InteractionMenu.

. Epic Games - GTA V.

Download staff_duty! Install it into /resources/ setup your aces inside config.

GTA 5 Knight Rider Mod v3.

. First Uploaded: May 05, 2022 Last Updated: May 05, 2022 Last Downloaded: 17 hours ago. 01 and 0.


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do /staffduty to be able to not only log you time and hours on as staff and be able to open the EasyAdmin Main Menu it goes off a discord integration to track the time of when people got on and off as staff and then you do /staffduty again if you want to go off of staff patrol it's a easy way to see who deserves a promotion for. alright so todays episode of GTA 5 ROLEPLAY aka GTA 5 RP things get crazy again.


so you wont spawn alot of cars around you.

Installation. .

How to connect to a fivem server with cmd ? Hello! i want to make a. Free 679 21 (2) Updated May 2 (GREY) Gabz Sheriff Police Department Decrypted.

re/t/esx-on-off-duty-script/108174Support Channel Angga Ariska GOPAY, OVO,.
some of the parts where 3d modeled by me on the exterior.
Functionality: Start.



Spawn a expensive car. Dec 18, 2020 · Lua. This is a 1LE Spec version of ZL1 Most of the changes where done by me.

FiveM Server Hosting Fast and powerful DDOS Protected FiveM Hosting, roleplay with your community on our simplified game-hosting platform. This resource is a menu with actions for LEO, Fire and Civ including Vehicle Controls and Emotes! Each section has features that would be used by each of the professions, for example the LEO Menu has Cuff, Drag, Seat, etc. com. Fivem Scripts. This resource is performance optimized. .


. Starting from $12.

Create off duty jobs.

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I recently installed a few extra mods that I think may have screwed everything up.